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July 2016

Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter

July 2016

Fit Over Forty Classes/Workshops Summer 2016

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Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter


Fit Over Forty Newsletter May 22, 2016

Fit Over Forty Classes/Workshops Spring/Summer 2016

Moti Nativ – May 7 & 8th

Stability, Balance and Orientation in Motion

International Feldenkrais Week

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Reflexology April 16th

Sharing Reflexology

New Classes

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Free Classes Clarke County

Saturday April 9th


Upcoming Events

Feldenkrais® Workshop

Fluid Motion

At Helping Hands Massage Therapy

698 East Northington Street

South Hill, VA, United States

Start the New Year off Right

Do you have back pain? Does your neck feel stiff? Are your knees sore? Do you feel you could move better? Do you spend hours in front of the computer and wish you could just be more comfortable? Do you want to look and feel younger, and have more vitality?

The Feldenkrais Method® may be the answer for you!

Feldenkrais is a unique form of sensory motor learning with many therapeutic benefits that can help people of all ages and abilities to improve and function optimally. Feldenkrais lessons can teach you

• How to move more comfortably and with less pain

• How you unconsciously limit yourself

• How to improve your posture and coordination

• How you can feel at ease and engage yourself more positively in the world

What is the Feldenkrais Method:

Registration fee is $35. We expect this workshop to sell out so sign up today by calling Beth Callis at 434-447-8619 or emailing her at

For additional information and directions go to:Feldenkrais Method in South Hill

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