February 2021 – Fit over Forty Fitness Newsletter

Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter

Already a month into 2021! I hope that you are breathing easier and continue to stay healthy. Notice the article on the Straight Leg Bridge using a stability ball. Get your ball out and give it a try! Also, this is a good time to work on your eating when we are staying home and cooking more and ordering our groceries. It is easy to choose good, nutritious foods to have in our pantries and refrigerators. Classes and private sessions will continue only online for February and March. Take advantage of this easy way to get your relaxation and fitness in without having to worry about the weather and being around others. We take a little time at the beginning and end of class to visit before getting to work. Check out my website for my schedule of classes and to sign up for a private session. http://www.fitoverfortyvirginia.com Big virtual hugs to everyone Jane I hope to see you soon Jane

News: HIIT or CWT: Does Sequence Matter?

A study, conducted under IDEA author and presenter Len Kravitz, PhD, compared cardiovascular and metabolic responses to two exercise protocols.read more »

Nutrition: Americans Are Still Eating a Lousy Diet

A diet “report card” in JAMA shows that American adults are consuming too many nutritionally poor carbohydrates and more saturated fat than is recommended. read more »

Mind-Body: Best Focal Strategy for Weightlifting

Research determined that an external focus—on what you want to achieve—may improve strength training performance most.read more »

Recipe: Orange-Glazed Squash w/ Pecans

Eating nuts is associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, making this nutty squash recipe a heart-healthy side dish for any meal.read more »

Video of the Month: Straight Leg Bridge

This move targets the gluteal muscles. Lie supine, arms at your sides and heels on a stability ball. Keep your legs straight and lift your hips to form a straight line.read more »