Online Classes – April – June

Ongoing Online classes

April, May, June

Fluid Motion 

Feldenkrais Method®

Awareness through Movement Classes®

  • Monday – 11:00am
  • Wednesday – 11:00am
  • Wednesday –  5:00pm
  • Friday –          11:00am***

*** Friday’s class will use a roller to facilitate the movements.

FITT Forever*

  • Tuesday  – 12:30pm
  • Thursday – 12:00pm

*FITT Forever – 1 full hour of exercise and stretching using hand weights, a small ball and strap. Renew your fitness and your shape. (time may change in June)

Rest and Renew Yoga and Feldenkrais, Too!

  • Monday – 4:00pm

**Gentle Yoga on the Ball – 1 hour of gentle yoga Asana on a mat, using yoga props,  stability ball (optional) and a strap

Let me know if you are interested – I do not have enough people to hold this class.

All classes are held using Zoom – Zoom is an easy to use online platform. If your internet is non existent or unstable, you can call into the class on your cell phone or your landline and have only audio.

“Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movement.”

ibn Sina (Avicenna) 

980-1037 CE

1 class $12 (drop in only possible if the series is a go) Pay for Single Class

5 classes for $40

or weekly unlimited classes – $20/week

Pay any amount

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