Yang Family Style Taijiquan

Or join Pat Rice for Taijiquan and QiGong classes at the Shenandoah Taijiquan Center. She is known world wide for her clear, effective teaching. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday both daytime and evening. Do join us on Tuesday or Thursday evening!! To get more information on classes at the Center email Pat at atocrice@verizon.net or call (540) 662-3973. or go to the website: http://www.shentaijiwushu.com/

Taijiquan Beginner 8-week course, Tuesdays

6:00-7:00     Introduction to Taijiquan

Beginner One: Starts January 10 through February 28

Beginner Two: Starts January 12 through March 2

TAIJIQUAN Standard classes — Tuesdays and Thursdays

Session Five January 10 – March 2


Tuesday & Thursday

11:00-12:00    Mindful Movement: Therapeutic Qigong and Intro to Taijiquan: Yang Family 16-move Routine

12:30-2:00     Traditional Yang



4:30-5:30       Push-Hands & Applications – Intermediate/Advanced

5:30-6:30       Push-Hands & Applications – Introduction

6:00-7:00       Introduction to Taijiquan, Part One: Yang Family 16-move Routine

6:30-8:00       Traditional Yang Family Style Taijiquan, 103-Yang Form

8:00-9:00     Push-Hands & Applications (review)


4:30-5:30       Push-Hands & Applications, Interactive studies

5:30-6:30     Advanced Study: Sword and Saber

6:00-7:00     Introduction to Taijiquan, Part Two: Yang Family 16-move Routine

6:30-8:00     Traditional Yang, 103-Yang Form

8:00-9:00     Push-Hands & Applications


Please contact Owen Sargent for information – <owensargent@gmail.com>

Mondays, Wednesdays

6:00-6:45 Level One

7:00-8:00 Level Two


Please contact Deepti Sharma for schedule and information – <deeptimudvari@gmail.com>


Please contact Pat Rice –  <atocrice@verizon.net>