About Aquatics

Vertical Water Exercise, Swimming, Water Walking, Ai Chi, Aqua Yoga, AquaStretch™

Why Exercise in the Water ?

Water Exercise Differs from Land Exercise

  • Buoyancy – The water’s buoyancy allows you to do many exercises that are
    difficult on land. Exercise impact is reduced in relation to the depth of the water.
    Suspended, deep-water exercise is non-impact.
  • Resistance – There is continual resistance to every move you make under the
    water. The water offers more resistance than when you exercise on land, even
    without adding aquatic equipment.
  • Heart Rate – The properties of water alter the heart rate response during
    exercise; heart rates are generally lower when exercising in water than when
    exercising on land. You can actually work harder, longer and increase your
    caloric burn.
  • Reduces Swelling – Submersion in water helps reduce edema (swelling caused
    by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues.) This can be especially beneficial
    to pregnant women, individuals with injuries or post-surgery, and those with joint
    considerations, such as arthritis.

    Benefits of Water Exercise

  • Improve muscle strength & endurance, flexibility, posture and balance
  • Increase aerobic fitness levels
  • Enhance circulation
  • Reduce swelling and pain
  • Improve ability to control and maintain healthy weight
  • Release stress, tension and fatigue

Many of these benefits are available just from being in the water.

Diane Eyink is certified with AEA and ACE and holds a BS in education. She has
taught fitness classes for 28 years in both the public and private sectors in Missouri and
Arizona, most recently entering the field of water rehab. Her motto – “You can’t fail
unless you try!”