About Zora

Hello friends,

Zora1My name is Zora Popova and I am a Reiki Master.

I start practicing healing about 30 years ago when I had pain in my right elbow for about six months and the doctors were not able to help. Than I met a Gentleman in Bulgaria who was a healer and fix my problem for 20 minutes of

Healing session. I was amazed and of course I became a believer in the alternative healing! Fascinated of the event I bagged him to teach me and he introduced me to the Energy healing. He was my first teacher. Than after few years a met another young Lady who was a very powerful energy healer and she fixed my daughter’s eye problem. That was my second teacher. I was very fortuned that she shared with me some of her knowledge.

Since than I start practicing with family and friends.

In year 2008 I became a Reiki Practitioner and next year a Reiki Master. I start practicing more intensive and it is true that when you practice more the results are much better. I also like to use Ionic Detoxification to facilitate the healing process. I have also been teaching in the past Meditation at Ida Lee Recreational Center for 3 years.

Reiki can boost the immune system, assist the healing process for minor cuts, alleviate headaches, reduce pain, and increase self esteem.