Stone Brier

 Lord Fairfax Highway

Berryville, VA

Summer 2019

FITT ForEver with Strength & Stretch

M/W         9:45-10:45am         8/7-8/14*

M/W         9:45-10:45am          9/4-9/25*

This class is an aerobics, strength training, & stretching class designed to revitalize participants with more energy, confidence and satisfaction. Please bring a mat and light hand weights.

*if enough interest

Fluid Motion

M/W        11:00am-12:00pm           6/5-6/19

M/W       11:00am-12:00pm           7/1-7/22

M/W       11:00am-12:00pm          8/7-8/14

M/W      11:00am-12:00pm          9/4-9/25
Instructor: Jane Johnston
* Fluid Motion is a Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement® class – perfect for reclaiming vitality and movements lost to aging, disease and/or disuse.

Rest & Renew Yoga, & Feldenkrais Method®, too!!*

DAYS              TIME                       DATES       

F           11:00-12:00                   7/5-7/19

F           11:00-12:00                   8/9-8/16

F           11:00-12:00                   9/6-9/27

Instructors: Jane Johnston
Location: Stone Brier
Comments: This class meets in the studio

* be sure and check before coming for the latest schedule

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Monthly Workshops

Aqua Fluid Motion

Feldenkrais® in the pool

Saturday August 17th

Learn to do your favorite Feldenkrais® moves in the pool!!

Aqua Yoga

Saturday September 21st

to sign up email fitoverforty@jesed,com

August 17

September 21