Clarke County Parks and Rec

Berryville, VA

Spring Summer 2019

One more Wednesday at Clarke County Parks and Rec. May29. All classes move to Stone Brier for the summer.

FITT ForEver with Strength & Stretch

Activity #:      Date:           Day:      Age:     Time:             
240302A         1/7-1/28    M           55+       9-10:45AM   
240302C         2/4-2/25    M           55+       9-10:45AM
240302E         3/4-3/25    M           55+       9-10:45AM                                                                         240302G         4/1-4/29    M          55+       9-10:45AM
240302B         1/9-1/30    W         55+        9-10:45AM
240302D         2/6-2/27  W           55+        9-10:45AM                                                                           240302F         3/6-3/27  W           55+      9-10:45AM                                                                             240302H        4/3-4/24  W           55+        9-10:45AM

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. This class is an
aerobics, strength training, & stretching class designed to revitalize participants with more
energy, confidence and satisfaction. Please bring a mat and light hand weights.

Fluid Motion

Activity #:    Date:           Day:      Age:    Time:                 Fee:
240302I         1/7-1/28   M           55+     11AM-12:00PM 
240302J         2/4-2/25   M          55+     11AM-12:00PM 
240302K        3/4-3/25    M          55+     11AM-12:00PM                                                        240302L       4/1-4/29    M          55+     11AM-12:00PM

240302Q        1/9-1/30    W         55+     11AM-12:00PM  
240302R        2/6-2/27  W         55+     11AM-12:00PM  
240302S         3/6-3/27  W        55+      11AM-12:00PM                                                      240302S         4/3-4/24  W        55+      11AM-12:00PM 
Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. Fluid Motion is a
Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement® class – perfect for reclaiming
vitality and movements lost to aging, disease and/or disuse.

Rest & Renew Yoga

Activity #:    Date:            Day:   Age:   Time:               Fee:
240302Q        1/7-1/28   M        55+    12:15-1:15PM 
240302R        2/4-2/25   M        55+    12:15-1:15PM
240302S       3/4-3/25    M        55+    12:15-1:15PM                                                              240302T       4/1-4/29    M        55+    12:15-1:15PM

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. This is a gentle yoga
class with emphasis on restorative yoga postures, relaxation and breathing. Join us for a
mid-week relaxation break. Please bring a mat. Also bring a blanket, block or any props
that you have.

Lunch Time Tai Chi

Activity #:   Date:           Day:   Age:   Time:                 Fee:
240302U     1/9-1/30    W       55+     12:15-1:15PM  
240302V      26-2/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM 
240302W     3/6-3/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM                                                                    240302X     3/6-3/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM 

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. Tai Chi is ancient
practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. This
class will help participants reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility, feel relaxed and improve overall mind, body, and spirit.