Clarke County Parks and Rec

Berryville, VA

Winter 2019

FITT Forever with Strength & Stretch

Activity #:      Date:           Day:      Age:     Time:             
240302A         1/7-1/28    M           55+       9-10:45AM   
240302C         2/4-2/25    M           55+       9-10:45AM
240302E         3/4-3/25    M           55+       9-10:45AM                                                                         240302G         4/1-4/29    M          55+       9-10:45AM
240302B         1/9-1/30    W         55+        9-10:45AM
240302D         2/6-2/27  W           55+        9-10:45AM                                                                           240302F         3/6-3/27  W           55+      9-10:45AM                                                                             240302H        4/3-4/24  W           55+        9-10:45AM

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. This class is an
aerobics, strength training, & stretching class designed to revitalize participants with more
energy, confidence and satisfaction. Please bring a mat and light hand weights.

Fluid Motion

Activity #:    Date:           Day:      Age:    Time:                 Fee:
240302I         1/7-1/28   M           55+     11AM-12:00PM 
240302J         2/4-2/25   M          55+     11AM-12:00PM 
240302K        3/4-3/25    M          55+     11AM-12:00PM                                                        240302L       4/1-4/29    M          55+     11AM-12:00PM

240302Q        1/9-1/30    W         55+     11AM-12:00PM  
240302R        2/6-2/27  W         55+     11AM-12:00PM  
240302S         3/6-3/27  W        55+      11AM-12:00PM                                                      240302S         4/3-4/24  W        55+      11AM-12:00PM 
Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. Fluid Motion is a
Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement® class – perfect for reclaiming
vitality and movements lost to aging, disease and/or disuse.

Rest & Renew Yoga

Activity #:    Date:            Day:   Age:   Time:               Fee:
240302Q        1/7-1/28   M        55+    12:15-1:15PM 
240302R        2/4-2/25   M        55+    12:15-1:15PM
240302S       3/4-3/25    M        55+    12:15-1:15PM                                                              240302T       4/1-4/29    M        55+    12:15-1:15PM

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. This is a gentle yoga
class with emphasis on restorative yoga postures, relaxation and breathing. Join us for a
mid-week relaxation break. Please bring a mat. Also bring a blanket, block or any props
that you have.

Lunch Time Tai Chi

Activity #:   Date:           Day:   Age:   Time:                 Fee:
240302U     1/9-1/30    W       55+     12:15-1:15PM  
240302V      26-2/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM 
240302W     3/6-3/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM                                                                    240302X     3/6-3/27  W      55+      12:15-1:15PM 

Instructor: Jane Johnston
*There is an $8.50 drop-in option once class has met minimum. Tai Chi is ancient
practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. This
class will help participants reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility, feel relaxed and improve overall mind, body, and spirit.