Yang Family Style Taijiquan

Join Pat Rice, Bob Steig, Rob Wagg,and Jane Johnston, for Taijiquan and QiGong classes at the Shenandoah Taijiquan Center/Winchester Yang Chenfu Center. Pat is known world wide for her clear, effective teaching. Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday both daytime and evening. Do join us on Tuesday or Thursday evening!! To get more information on classes at the Center email Pat at atocrice@verizon.net or call (540) 662-3973. or go to

2023 Taijiquan Schedule

  • T      9:30-11:00am      Private Lessons by Appointment
  • T     11:00-12:00pm    Tai Chi and Mindful Movement
  • T      12:30-2:00pm      Traditional Yang Family Style  Taijiquan
  • T     6:00-7:00pm        Introduction to Taijiquan, I or II
  • T       6:30-8:00pm       Traditional Yang Family Style Taijiuan

QuestionsPlease contact Pat Rice –  <atocrice@verizon.net>