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Saturday Oct 27th


Turi Nevin-Turkel & Jane Johnson are teaming for this Integrative Therapeutic Essentials Workshop…

Chronic back pain has become something of an epidemic in our modern American culture…Our lives are too busy to stop and deal with each tense situation or problem that may arise during any given day, so we push the tension aside until later when, hopefully, we’ll be better able to deal with it. But more often than not we end up burying it deep within our body’s handy storage bins: the neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back and hips. This stored tension can often result in weakness, exhaustion, or chronic back pain.

Come explore somatic practices that are intentionally slow and exploratory, which invites us to feel

into our body and learn to move more efficiently. These mindful practices can help us correct movement patterns that hold tension in the nervous systems and muscles. Uncover and understand common causes for pain occurring in the lower back and hips joints o Explore gentle, somatic-based practices to increase mobility and learn to relieve pain through mindful movement o Experience mindfulness meditation, which has been shown to help alleviate chronic low back pain and improve function over usual care alone.

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Join Turi Nevin-Turkel & Jane Johnson for this Integrative Therapeutic Essentials Workshop…

Turi Nevin-Turkel :: Turi brings to yoga the idea of mindfully deepening the connection with our body, mind, and soul, while expanding our vision to the world around us. Finding a deep focus on balance through Yin yoga has become a big part of stability that she loves to share with her students. Along with a strong dose of intention and attention, breath and movement, stillness and peace, a journey towards well-being is offered — one class at a time. Turi is certified E-RYT 500, C-IAYT offering group and private yoga based instruction, mindfulness + meditation, yin yoga specialist, integrative wellness workshops and retreats.

Jane Cutting Smart Johnston, B.S. Psy :: Jane Johnston has been teaching group fitness classes on land and in the water since 1977 and working one on one with clients since 1997. Jane has a particular interest in working with aging clients, those that need medical fitness training, pre/post-rehab situation, with joint replacements, preschoolers and those with special needs. Jane has had extensive training in rehab and is able to draw on many modalities in her work with her clients. Jane uses the Feldenkrais Method®, her medical exercise training, yoga and Taiji to help her clients maximize their fitness and fulfill their potential.