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Jane Johnston has been teaching group fitness classes on land and in the water since 1977. Jane has a particular interest in working with those over 50, those in a post-rehab situation, those with joint replacements, those with special needs and preschoolers. She would like to work with you to determine your wellness and fitness goals and to develop program that will benefit you and enhance your life. She is available through private sessions to help you develop and carry out a wellness plan and fitness program. She teaches fitness classes for seniors, aquatic classes, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® classes, gentle yoga classes, swimming and Taijiquan classes. And does private sessions for those who would like individual attention. Jane can help you set up and maintain a fitness program that includes both conventional exercise methods and mind/body practices of Yoga, Taijiquan and Feldenkrais. Jane also provides individual hands-on sessions to improve your movement and comfort through the Feldenkrais Method or AquaStretch™.

Jane teams with her wellness colleagues to offer Reiki, meditation, detox and BioMagnetic Pair Therapy at her studio in Berryville.

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Contact Jane at: fitoverforty@jesed.com or text or call 703-203-2264

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Jane Johnston, BS Psy

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®

Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Exercise Specialist

Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist

Registered/Certified Yoga Teacher

AquaStretch™ Facilitator

Adapted Aquatics Teacher

Tai Chi for Health

Bones for Life Teacher®/Walk for Life Teacher

Change Your Age Teacher®

              703-203-2264                           fitoverforty@jesed.com

              540-955-4169                    www.fitoverfortyvirginia.com

 “Exercise is the key to long-term management of most medical conditions.”

 Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT

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A special thanks to AquaStretch™ creator, George Eversaul for giving us the opportunity to enhance the lives of the clients we serve, through the use of this revolutionary aquatic fitness, wellness and therapy technique.