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May and June Fit over Forty happenings  
Articles/Videos of Interest
Pool and Porch classes  
Classes Brier Stone/Clarke County Parks and Rec – Online  
Clarke Country Parks and Rec Online  
Update your information and sign up for classes  
Fit Over Forty Classses/Private Session   
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May and June Fit over Forty happenings  

Brier Stone Pool will open for classes Memorial Day – Monday May 29th or possibly Friday May 26th! All other classes – Fluid Motion and FITT ForEver and private clients will remain online for the summer. Hope to offer some WATSU® and AquaStretch sessions in the pool later in the year. See the schedule below. 
I hope that you have been receiving and enjoying my other newsletter – Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter. It has many exercise and lifestyle tips and a nice recipe each month and news from me. 
See my new feature below – Articles and Videos of Interest. A great video of how people move all over the world and how they use rhythm to help with movement and an article by me on how I use Feldenkrais® in my healing from my joint replacements. 
I hope to see some of you soon. It is great to see both and new students in my online classes and be able to keep up with everyone. Do take care.  
Big virtual hugs
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Contact me (text 703-203-2264 or email or reply to this newsletter if you have questions about classes or the technology.
“Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movement.”
ibn Sina (Avicenna)  980-1037 CE    

Articles/Videos of Interest   Feldenkrais and Joint Replacements

I wanted to share with you an article that I wrote for a Feldenkrais publication for the public about my joint replacements. My Feldenkrais Journey through 5 Joint Replacements. As you know the Feldenkrais Method is my passion. 
The Feldenkrais Guild of North America publishes a monthly newsletter for the public – see the March issue here – March SenseAbility
See how people around the globe move and use rhythm to enhance and coordinate their movements. 

When The Moment Sings The Muse Within 1996 – YouTube  

Pool and Porch classes
BrierStone Pool – Deep Water Aerobic Classes ·       Monday – 12:30pm ET ·       Wednesday – 12:30pm ET Friday – 12:30pm ET

BrierStone Porch or Deck – Taiji Class
·       Wednesday – 5:30pm ET  

ClassesBrierStone/Clarke County Parks and Rec – Online  
Ongoing Online classes
May, June, July 2023

Fluid Motion – Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement® Class ·       Monday – 11:00am ET ·       Wednesday – 11:00am ET
Friday – 10:00am ET
Fluid Motion is Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement® class – perfect for reclaiming vitality and movements lost due to aging, disease and/or disuse.

FITT ForEver
Tuesday  – 10:00am ·       Thursday – 10:00am *
FITT ForEver – 1 full hour of core work using a variety of methods – an unstable surface, Yoga and Pilates moves, a small ball, arm strengthening using small hand weights and body weight,  leg exercises and long cool down with stretching, yoga and Tai Chi moves, and Feldenkrais. Renew your fitness and your shape. (time may change in September)  

1 class $12 (drop in only possible if the series is a go) Pay for Single Class
5 classes for $40 or weekly unlimited classes – $20/week
Pay any amount
Payment box will open in a new window in your browser See Jane’s Calendar
Contact me for a password to attend class
Clarke Country Parks and Rec Online   Fluid Motion Feldenkrais Method® Awareness through Movement Classes®
Monday/Wednesday- 11:00am ET Wednesday – 6pm ET
Friday – 10:00am ET
Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am ET
To sign up: Clarke County Parks and Rec – 540-955-5140 or contact me or 703-203-2264  

Update your information and sign up for classes  
Please everyone, update your information, by completing a client record on my website and signing a new liability waiver. here is the link: Client sign up!  
Sign up for classes by the month with Clarke County Parks and Rec or  with me as a drop in student.  To siogn up for classes
email  to obtain the link to class

You can now set up and account and sign up online: Set up an account and sign up for all classes online.
5 classes for $40 Pay here  
1 class $12 (drop in only possible if the series is a go) Pay for Single Class

Owe another amount? Pay Balance Payment box will open in a new window or in a new tab in your browser When you have signed up, please try and register for a class! trying to get this working!    

Fit Over Forty Classses/Private Session     
FITT ForEver is standing arm and balance work, floor work – Pilates, abs/core and legs, stretching and yoga. We use light hand weights, a small ball, a strap and a mat. If you have questions, please contact me – I would love to see some of you back at class.
Fluid Motion – Would you like to reconnect with your body? Be able to get back to walking in the park, exercise class, traveling? The Feldenkrais Method® classes can help you get back into an active vibrant life style. If you have never tried a Feldenkrais Methodt® Awareness through Movement® class, this is a perfect time. Get on your mat or on your bed, put your camera so that I can see you and join in. A perfect way to de-stress, relax and move.   
Pool – at BrierStone will open the end of May. We are planning on classes M/W/F at 12:30pm. I expect pool to be perfect this year!!! It is cleaning up as we speak.

TaiJi – I would love to get this class going again. Contact me if you are interested – on the Brier Stone porch or deck for the summer?? We will revisit Yang Family classics – Qong Form – 10 movement form, 13 movement form and 16 movement form and learn a new Modern Style form with a few adaptations just for us.   
(I am aware that some of you would rather have in person classes. If you are interested in going into the Clarke Country Parks and Rec building and then participating in classes, please contact Shannon or me.) 
For online classes sign up for classes through the Clarke County Parks and Rec by the month or get a drop in pass from me. Which ever way works best for you. 
    Fit Over Forty   Contact me at, 703-203-2264 or 540-955-4169, @FitFeldy   
  Jane Johnston, BS Psy
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
® Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Exercise Specialist Certified Instructor Yang Family Style Tai Chi Quan Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist Registered/Certified Yoga Teacher Registered Somatic Therapist Adapted Aquatics Instructor Cancer Exercise Specialist AquaStretch™ Facilitator 703-203-2264                                                     540-955-4169                                              @FitFeldy                                   www. Skype: JaneCuttingSmartJohnston     

“Exercise is the key to long-term management of most medical conditions.”   Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT  
“Walking is man’s best medicine.”      Hippocrates      

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