Wellness Exercises

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Wellness Exercises

I wanted to share with you some Wellness Exercises from Grandmaster Yang Jun and the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. These simple tajichaun exercises will support your immune system, they are easy to follow, balanced on both sides and designed to be done in a small space. See  the links below.

Grandmaster Yang Jun says “Doctors in China who are on the front lines of infectious disease containment and mitigation are using Traditional Chinese Medicine and tai chi to boost patients’ immunity to fight COVID19. A UCLA research study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics in 2007 showed that practicing tai chi might have a strong effect on the immune system because it manages to bring exercise, relaxation, and meditation together in ‘one behavioral intervention,’ the researchers said. They theorized that tai chi enhances T-cell (the white blood cells that fight infection) activity and in this way boost immunity…Even in cases where people are confined at home, it is possible to practice some simple movements and help the immune system stay strong.”

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Wellness Exercises.

Creator Yang Jun, demonstration by Yang Jun.

Wellness Part 1 (3:25)

  1 Moving with the waves. 2 Roc spreads its wings. 3 Looking up at the moon.


Wellness Part 2 (4:49)

  1 Cloud hands, right and left. 2 Brush knee and push, left and right. 3 Parting wild horse’s mane, right and left.


Wellness Part 3(5:28)

  1 Ward off, left and right. 2 Raise hands and step forward, right and left. 3 Golden rooster stands on one leg left and right.


Yang Jun Cloud Hands

Master Yang Jun/ Fighting COVID-19 Campaign/ Cloud Hands demonstration