January 2021 – Fit over Forty Fitness Newsletter

Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter

A happy New Year to everyone and may we go safely into 2021. Let’s all resolve to “sit less—move more and more often” to promote our health. Finding a movement activity that suits you and that you will stick with might be your resolution for 2021. It doesn’t matter what, just so it is something that you enjoy. Note the articles on Mind/Body movement – Feldenkrais is a perfect fit. It teaches you to pay attention to your body and helps you learn to move in ways that are best for you at this stage in your life. For winter 2021 ALL of my classes and personal training are now online. Do join me in the safety of your own home with the props/equipment that you have available. I hope to see you online during the winter! Stay safe and well. Best wishes to all – have a healthy 2021 Jane

News: Any Amount of Exercise is Good

Growing evidence shows that any amount of physical activity is linked with living longer and that prolonged sitting is bad for health.read more »

Nutrition: 5 Big Benefits of Plant-Based Diets

Here’s evidence for why Michael Pollen’s quote, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” makes good sense.read more »

Mind-Body: Outdoor Mindful Movement Training

Review findings show that nature-based mindfulness activities have positive mind, body and social effects.read more »

Recipe: Butternut Squash w/ Herbed Pecans

Loaded with pecans and orange glaze, this nutty squash recipe is a belly- and heart-healthy side dish for any meal.read more »

Video of the Month: Pushup w/ Leg Lifts

This variation on a classic upper-body move strengthens your chest, arms and core. Start in plank position and lift one foot 2 to 3 inches off the ground and do a pushup. read more »