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January 2022 Newsletter Fit Over Forty Fitness Newsletter
Dears I hope that the new year finds you safe and healthy. The virus left us alone in the spring and late summer, but now seems back with a roar. So all classes will remain online for the winter. Would you like to move better? and be able to complete your activities more easily – join us for Fluid Motion and/or FITT ForEver. Would you like to improve your balance and exercise your memory/ Join us for Tai Chi. Fit over Forty’s classes – Fluid Motion – Feldenkrais M/W/F 11am ET and M 6pm ET, FITT ForEver T/TH 10pm ET, Boga – Yoga on the Ball W 12:00 ET, Tai Chi for Health on M 12:00pm ET for winter 2022. If there is a special time or a special class that you would like to see, please contact me. Note in the current newsletter the recipe for chickpeas and rice – were you aware that the two together make a complete protein. Also note the relationship between flavanoid consumption and brain health. I hope to see all of you online in 2022. Have a safe and healthy 2022. Big hugs to everyone – Jane
News: Lower Weight ≠ Higher Fitness Woman under 30 with BMI levels in the upper range of optimal had the highest levels of cardiovascular fitness, according to a Harvard University study. read more »
    Chickpeas and rice Nutrition: Chickpeas and Rice for Protein As reported in The Journal of Nutrition, the protein quality of chickpeas is increased when they are consumed with rice, as opposed to when they’re consumed alone. read more »
    Flavonoids and Alzheimer's Mind-Body: Your Brain on Plant Chemicals Adults with higher intakes of flavonoids—in foods like berries, apples and dark chocolate—were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. read more »
    Recipe: Brussels Sprout Hazelnut Slaw Vitamin K found in cruciferous vegetables may be involved in inhibiting calcification in blood vessels, which makes this slaw an even more enticing side dish. read more »
    Video: Push Up With Alternating Hip Flexion Perform this dynamic move with your body in a straight line as you push your chest away from your hands. You should feel it working your chest, arms and torso. read more »
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